Higher, Brighter


There’s just something about a rainbow, isn’t there? I have been known to park my car just so I can stare at one, perhaps photograph it, or just drink in the hopeful energy it seems to represent. The storm feels threatening, flashes of lightning and startling claps of thunder, driving winds and rain, and then . . . a strange and sudden glow in the sky.  It doesn’t appear every time, but when it does, it brings me peace.

Every life has its share of storms, those circumstances that are noisy, threatening, and anxiety-producing. And then comes that beautiful moment, when you can feel the universe at your back, when you get up from a time of meditation as a different person than the one who sat down. It’s when you have approached the field of all possibilities, and have clearly chosen a new one, a new trajectory, a different outcome. There is a calm that reaches into your soul that is like an array of colors arching in front of you beckoning you to a whole new life, one that you love more than anything.

I took this photo a few weeks back at a time when I was mourning the loss of a long-time pet. It was a hot summer afternoon in the Hudson Valley, the kind that easily kicks up a violent storm, and after racing around the house to shut all the windows, the storm passed almost as quickly as it began. Then came that soft glow that summoned me to end of the front porch, toward the sycamore tree which, for now, was against a backdrop of vibrant color. At that moment, I was swallowed up by my own gratitude, the kind of thankfulness that chokes out all the fear, and rearranges my soul just when I need it the most.

Every day has a storm. Every day has its rainbow if we look for it, the moment that lifts our energy to better frequencies, higher, brighter, and far more beautiful.

It is not to be missed.


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